About Us

Dallas Area Preachers and Church Leaders (DAPCL) has a history that covers over thirty-five years. Though not in name (DAPCL) but in organization. It is the brainchild of few devoted Gospel Preachers who served the Dallas Area when most congregations were small and struggling. While believing/teaching that each individual congregation is autonomous and self-governing, their vision was broader than the local congregation. They believed that working together with Citywide Evangelistic efforts and practical ministries we could accomplish more for the “Cause of Christ.”

Much of the social and personal landscape has changed over the years but the basic purpose remains the same: to serve the Lord and our fellowmen by serving together and by serving one another; to preach, promote, and perpetuate the Kingdom of God through unity and fellowship.

DAPCL is not a legislating body. We uphold the Lord Jesus Christ as the only Head and Lawgiver of the church of Christ. While the organization is a great tool for fashioning means whereby we can unify our speech, there has never been any attempt to formulate dogma or dictate policy for the universal church of Christ. We joy in our fellowship and our commonality as the body of Christ, and will continue to work to become a stronger and more positive group.