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"The churches of Christ Salute You!"

-Romans 16:16

About Us

Dallas Area Preachers and Church Leaders (DAPCL) has a history that covers over thirty-five years. Though not in name (DAPCL) but in organization. It is the brainchild of few devoted Gospel Preachers who served the Dallas Area when most congregations were small and struggling. While believing/teaching that each individual congregation is autonomous and self-governing, their vision was broader than the local congregation. They believed that working together with Citywide Evangelistic efforts and practical ministries we could accomplish more for the “Cause of Christ.”

Much of the social and personal landscape has changed over the years but the basic purpose remains the same: to serve the Lord and our fellowmen by serving together and by serving one another; to preach, promote, and perpetuate the Kingdom of God through unity and fellowship.

DAPCL is not a legislating body. We uphold the Lord Jesus Christ as the only Head and Lawgiver of the church of Christ. While the organization is a great tool for fashioning means whereby we can unify our speech, there has never been any attempt to formulate dogma or dictate policy for the universal church of Christ. We joy in our fellowship and our commonality as the body of Christ, and will continue to work to become a stronger and more positive group. 


The mission (original) of the Dallas Area Preachers and Church Leaders is simple and Christ-centered: to promote and support annual cooperative efforts aimed at furthering the cause of Christ in the Dallas Area: to provide opportunity for fellowship among preachers and church leaders; to engage in such healthy dialogue as removes fears and suspicions; and to overcome racial, social and cultural barriers, in order to enhance the influence and positive impact of the churches of Christ. 

City-Wide Campaign History

The Citywide Campaign came out of an idea that Minister C.C. Locke had in 1976. The first Texas State Lectureship was hosted by the congregations in Dallas and the remaining funds, Brother Locke suggested that we have a three week Citywide Tent meeting in July of 1976. Minister Millard Elder of the South Oak Cliff congregation negotiated the site of the meeting on the corner of Bonnie View and Overton Road. The property was owned by Mr. Duggan, who agreed to let us use the property for the meeting and that would write it off his taxes.

Evangelist N.L. Evans of Texarakana, was selected as the speaker for our first and second meetings. He was followed by Dr. W. F. Washington of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in 1978. Dr. Jack Evans of Terrell was our last three week speaker under the tent in 1979. Many souls were added to the church because of this evangelistic effort. The Overton Road church building was used for all baptisms during the tent meeting. On December 4, 1979; the Lord called Brother C.C. Locke home.

After much discussion; brothers Grover Washington, Reginald Dulin, Willie Tucker and Waydell Nixon along with all of Dallas Area Preachers agreed to move the Citywide meeting indoors and reduce the time to two weeks.

With the move inside there were other changes to the organization of the Citywide Evangelist Effort. Grover Washington became the Chair and thus the name was changed to Campaign for Christ. All Dallas area preachers were a part of the Steering Committee.

However; because of the schedule for some of the preachers to meet during the day, duties were given to certain preachers. Reginald Dulin, served as the Program Chair, A.C. Christman served as the Publicity Chair, Woodie Morrison served as the Personal Evangelism Chair, Alvertice Bowdre, L.M. Johnson, Horace Lee, Sr. and Waydell Nixon served as the Finance Committee, Melvin Chappell served as the Site Chair and Willie Tucker took care of the operations during the nightly services (ushers, registering of visitors and taping of the sermon).

In 1980, Dr. G.P. Holt of Indianapolis was called to conduct the first week at the Dallas West church building and the second week at the Cedar Crest church building. Many congregations have been host to the Citywide meeting; such as Marsalis Avenue, Fourth Avenue and Southern Hills.

For twelve (12) years the Campaign was held in the Bronco Bowl Auditorium, we also used the Dallas Apparel Mart and the M.H. Meyerson Center. We have had the following Evangelist conduct our Campaigns; R.C. Wells, Nokomis Yeldell, James Maxwell, Carl Baccus, B.B. Gatson and currently Orpheus Heyward. We have registered over 10,000 visitors and baptized hundreds.

The organization of the Campaign has also had several changes; Dr. James Maxwell succeeded Dr. Washington as Chair and was followed by Dr. David L. Lane and the current Campaign Chair is Minister Reginald Osborne. The Campaign for Christ has and continues to be under the guidance of the Dallas Area Preachers. Minister B.L. Garrett was the first chair of the Dallas Area Preachers and served until his health failed.

The current Dallas Area Preachers and Church Leaders Chair is Sammie Berry, Minister West Dallas Church of Christ.

“The churches of Christ Salute You!” – Romans 16:16


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"The churches of Christ Salute You!" - Romans 16:16

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